There’s an epidemic of measles in Wales. A man has died.

What is the matter with the Department of Health? What is the matter with doctors of conventional modern medicine?

There was a worry raised by Dr Andrew Wakefield a decade or so back that the combined MMR jab was linked to bowel disease and autism in children. Since then his research and findings have been thoroughly damned by the medical profession. Mmm?

I know a bit about the human immune system. I know what can happen when it goes wrong. My wife had Guillain-Barre Syndrome, when her immune system mistakenly attacked her own nervous system and left her paralysed after food poisoning. That is also known to happen following immunisation.

The renowned naturapathic doctor, the late Keith Mason, told me of many cases of ‘syndrome’ symptoms he helped with a number of airline pilots and soldiers who served in the first Gulf War who had been subjected to multi-jab immunisation.

My drinking friend Soggy down the Lying Toad pub says how his lovely little lad changed overnight after having the MMR. “It was as though someone had thrown a switch,” he confided in me. Of course, no one who agree it was down to the jab.

We all know that immunisation is a great thing. It’s changed the health of the entire Western world and will hopefully do the same for the developing world as soon as possible. But ____

But the whole business has left mums worried and in a quandary. It appears to be the three-in-one jab for mumps, measles and rubella – or nothing. Well, not quite nothing. If you have the odd £700 quid lying around in the money-I-have-saved-since-giving-up-ciggies jar, you can go the private route and have single jabs for each disease spread over time.


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