KK was back at The Lying Toad today.
He still looks like the untamed man of rock he once was, although now he’s a plumber. He moved on but his cheerful, worn looks and hair didn’t.
KK, or K to his friends, played ukelale in the 70s group Wild Child. But, as it’s fifth member, was dropped when it hit the big time. K ended up alone in Paris where he became an exotic smells engineer for Chanel, when a job description as trainee plumber on his CV was misinterpreted.
He lived a fantasy life on the Riviera with film stars and the political elite of Europe.
K is friends with Snoggy. Snoggy is a collector and motor mechanic, into repairing and restoring classic cars, especially early Land Rovers and tractors. Rumour in the village has it he has just bought a WWII Sherman tank on eBay.
He is being uncharacteristically silent on the subject. But he is known to be looking for some “running 8-inch link sprockets (circ 1943)”. So all bets are on.
Meanwhile Salty Dog, who served in the Falkland War, is now a short crewman on a tall charity ship. He has bought a real parrot which he insists on bringing into the pub. The pub dog is not happy. Nor is Pixie who has to do the cleaning there.

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