HMS Queen Elizabeth

HMS Queen Elizabeth

An equally tough response to Sharkey Ward’s open letter to the UK Defence Secretary comes from JOHN KEENAN.
Now semi-retired, John’s service career spanned 24 years in the Royal Naval Fleet Air Arm. He served aboard no less than six aircraft carriers before leaving the military as a Chief Petty Officer, Aircraft Engineering Artificer.

Since then he has worked in the UK, Europe, New Zealand and BAe Saudi Arabia as a senior fleet engineer and aircraft project manager.

Another ‘shot’ from Sharkey – he is, of course, spot on.
The Tornados do not have the legs to provide cover for the drops (I have worked on both variants of the Tornado as a Superintendent with BAe in Saudi).

There is also no mention of the ‘all singing and dancing’ Typhoon! They would require a flight-refuelling tanker aircraft – no mention of that either.
It all goes to prove without doubt the need for a carrier aircraft with ‘legs’ and in-flight refuelling capability – something the planned F35B does not have – and a tacit admission that the Typhoon cannot ‘hack it’ either.

RAF deceit and its lies to politicians in the past – who collectively could not victual a vulture in an abattoir when it comes to naval aviation – are now fully exposed.

Why has the US not asking for Britain’s help in air strikes in northern Iraq. Almost certainly it is because the RAF simply does not have the immediate capability without massive logistical support, including in-flight refuelling tankers.

Other recent RAF requirements appear to be 5-star hotel accommodation with swimming pools, saunas and gyms on full expenses down to the Group Captain’s toilet cleaner.


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