Computers now switched and everything seems to be up and running. Thanks for staying with me and hopefully you’ve been following on Twitter: TerenceStrong@AuthorSASplus…when it lets me in or forgets my Password. Yes, it forgets my password, not the other way round. Try telling it that! Grrr.
Look forward to a mix of serious debate and some fun at my favourite virtual pub, The Lying Toad, which may well feature in a future book.
Thought a new fun idea that might be useful is new SENSIBLE political policies for any Party that wants to think outside the box. Some accuse UKIP of not having enough apart from leaving Europe although, to be honest, that does solve a lot of problems at a stroke. Really. Creates some others too, of course. That’s what the Eurosceptics have to prove to the people…that the UK can survive…indeed thrive outside of the EU.

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