Cold Monday – Story behind the story

Although I’m most usually described as a writer of adventure or military thrillers, COLD MONDAY really can be classed as a political thriller. Hopefully it is none the less exciting and page-turning for that.

It was written with a real sense of alarm and urgency – a warning as to exactly what Britain had sleep-walked into over the years since it first signed up to the Common Market of Europe. Like many others, I happily voted to join what seemed like a jolly good idea for British business at the time.

I didn’t ignore the siren voices, I just didn’t even hear them. And that was largely because of the ongoing conspiracy of silence by the political elite of this country – on all sides.

Now, at last, the people of Britain are beginning to see through the smoke and mirrors the political warnings foretold in this thriller. That far from bringing the independent, disparate nations of Europe together under the flag of the European Union, it will eventually be in danger of blowing them apart in the same way that the Balkans exploded. It is what happens when different nations, cultures and ethnicities are artificially bound together as one.

During its research I met members of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), imagesCA0ALQE3including its leader, the charismatic Nigel Farage and the wonderful warrior queen of truth, Christina Speight.

However, this book is not and should in no way be interpreted as propaganda for any actual political party.

I took some stick in some quarters for this book, but I make no apologies. The underlying message was and remains too important. I hope it wasn’t too important to tell it in an authentic, fully-researched and exciting full-on action story.

Of course, this is also one story that hasn’t ended yet.