In the late 1990s Dr Andrew Wakefield suggested he’d discovered through research that there could be a link between the combined MMR jab for mumps, measles and rubella with autism.
He was subsequently vilified by the medical authorities and his research condemned.

Yet worried mothers naturally remained concerned and take up levels of the 3-in-1 vaccine plummeted. We now have an outbreak of measles in Wales with upwards of 800 cases reported. The consequences can be dire.

Yet it is hard or impossible to prove a negative. The immune system of a child is very fragile. While most children can cope with the 3-in-1 is it not possible that some cannot. After all, we all know that we are not all are not all the same. Some of us are more susceptible to different dideases than others.

The renowned naturopathic doctor, the late Keith Mason told me how he treated many airline pilots and soldiers from the first Gulf War, who had serious side-effects from multi-vaccinsation jabs.

Would it not be sensible for the Department of Health to bite the bullet and return to three separate jabs and boosters. Saving money isn’t everything; having to spend a life suffering with autism ,or the result of a bad case of measles, mumps or rubella, is.

Reverting to a separate jab programme is surely a win-win situation. Problem solved. Or is that just too simple to resolve the current crisis?

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