Waiting for decent TV drama is like waiting for a bus nowadays. Yet it’s rare for one, let alone two, to come along at once. But it’s happened this week, and it’s the girls who are driving and conducting both.

Always slick, lifting itself out of the slightly soapy series cop drama category, Sally Wainwright’s SCOTT & BAILEY (ITV) surpassed itself with plot, script and superb acting. If you missed Part One, try and catch up and be ready for Part Two next Wednesday.

Isn’t Lesley Sharp the sexiest girl-next-door on telly, or is it just me?

Apart from Suranne Jones and Amelia Bullmore, this series is also blessed with Nicola Walker and Pippa Haywood (who’s time has come at last) acting their socks off with fantastic realism and conviction.

If that wasn’t enough, along comes Paula Milne’s three-parter on BBC2 THE POLITICIAN’S HUSBAND. If you think we’ve been seeing a bit too much of the talented David Tennant just lately, you might think again. He’s changed his hair-do and swallowed his accent to incredibly great effect.

What’s more, there’s not a cop or a medic in sight!

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