I’ve rather fallen into this BLOG-writing business without thinking or planning too much.

Mostly it’s to keep my readers entertained, and sometimes informed.

Obviously I’ll cover topics I’m guessing we’re all interested in: politics – international, and closer to home; military and special forces; the worlds of intelligence, crime and espionage. Not forgetting that most fascinating of subjects, the human condition.

Also the arty side of things, particularly in the shape of books, TV and movies. And not forgetting food, drink and travel.

In fact, I warn you that there are few subjects I’m NOT interested in, so be prepared for the unexpected.

And I look forward to getting feedback from you, too. If you disagree with me about anything that’s fine. I’m a libertine and believe in democracy. Nothing better than a heated debate between socialists, communists, liberals and conservatives. And greens. Particularly if they’re edible.

There’ll also be some stuff from my local pub The Lying Toad. People like 86-year old Smiffy, former flyer and Indian hand, Big Brian (who inspired Duffy in SOME UNHOLY WAR) and Soggy who is…well, just Foggy. Or is it Groggy? He’s something to do with Land Rovers. I forget.

Dicky McGoogle and his diminutive wife Pixie have just taken the place over and are making huge changes to the little country pub. Already they have dug up the garden and turned it into a car park, while at the same time digging up the car park to turn it into a garden.

God knows what else Dicky has in mind. As he sits there with a pint of McGuiness and smoking three cigarettes at once, there can be a somewhat mad and ambitious gleam to be seen in his eyes.

Another floor? A 20 ft cascading water feature and fountain? A ferris wheel? The village waits in trepidation.

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